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Annie Mae arrested in Oregon: November 1975
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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Annie Mae Letter

Letter written by Annie Mae Pictou-Aquash
from a jail cell in Vancouver, Wa.
November, 1975

Hello my family,

It is wonderful to write to you. I am actually pleased to be able to take the time to write to you all. I love you all very much. I am happy and doing fine. I am writing to you from the Vancouver, Washington jail but will be transferred to South Dakota within the next day or so to face trial there. Monday, the 24th of November is the big day. Contact Rapid City and you can find out how I made out and where I will be sent (Ha, Ha) then write to me. Matheline—I gave my silver ring to our attorney “Beverly Axelrod” to give to you. You are to deliver it to John. She ^(here an arrow pointing to the name Beverly) went back to San Francisco where she lives but I gave her your number. My health is perfect, my moral and spirit are even more than perfect. I’ve become stronger than ever. Kamook and I are in the same cell and that’s makes it worthwhile. The whole incident happened because of informer A & B as the FBI refer to them in their report—which we saw yesterday—from the Seattle area—Informer A has informed on at least 100 incidents already and Informer B on 20 occasions. I hope the fuckers wake up some morning missing their jewels (depending on whether they’re male or female) I’ll have the lawyer send you the detailed report. I am going to drop my court appointed lawyer in Pierre and have my trial consolidated with Dino’s and Nilak’s. How did you like my new name? (Naguset Eask). It means Sun Woman. They asked my birthdate and I said In the Spring moon in the year 1945-They kinna thought I was obnoxious. What a redneck town we were arrested at—They thought Indians were reincarnated that nite (savage style of course) The goddam state patrolemen almost shit their pants-They almost shot Kamook & baby. She had to roll out of the patroleman’s line of fire with baby-just 3 weeks from delivery too.

Page two

Of course they try to impress the public that they did not know and do not mention it in their report. But anyone 3 weeks from delivery is certainly going to be big and obvious especially 10’ from a glaring spotlight-coming out with hand up and facing barrel of a shotgun and then being forced to lay on ground after reaching for baby. And that fucker knew about the baby because not only did he see the baby but the baby was screaming when he started firing directly at us. This is my only chance to swear at those bastard chicken-shit fuckers. My letter is going out through my lawyer and it will be the last uncensored letter I can write out so I am taking advante of it . After this all my letters will be read-going out & coming in. I would appreciate a personal hello to Ernie & Mark for me. And all my friends. I am already thinking of all sorts of games to pass the time away (like the moccasin game) One disadvantage of cutting my hair was-the patrolman that made me & others lay face down on highway kept referring to me as “feller.” That insidious son of a bitch-if I was a feller-he would have know it for sure. They are of course going crazy in Oregon-They haven’t had anything violent or vicious to do –(that they can justify, anyway) for at least 6 years, other than deny the poor, pick on drunks and refer to the Spanish as “wetbacks.” They’ve been sitting around hating other states and growing wrinkles. The 2 patroleman were claiming that they got shot at-“I can hear the bullets whiz right by my head!”, yelling into radio they became famous and brave overnight. That baby had more guts than they did. They are (words unreadable)

Page three

how they treat us here in Washington. There is a big Indian support group here. But I’m sure that as soon as I return to South Dakota I will be harrased. I am expecting some surprises there. They did not charge Kamook or I in the Oregon incident. But we are waiting for something sneaky. The FBI walk around with mirrors on their shoes in Oregon. They really watch their ass’s (Ha, Ha) The State Patrol are naturally running around in confusion (like a chicken slaughter house scene) no heads. Being inferior to the FBI of course and then the U.S. Marshalls acting so diplomatic. And since we are in the custody of the U.S. Marshalls the Co. jail we are in are looking like a bunch of nuns and priests trying to impress the Pope who just flew in from the Vatican. These “enemy” are sure fucked up. Well so much for that. This jail is so cold I am sitting at this table with a blanket wrapped around me. We have a broken window that they tried to patch up but the winds are strong today. It dropped to 15 degrees last nite and I’m sure it colder today. On our way over here yesterday I had the opportunity to gaze upon Mt. Hood. What a beautiful sight. Got to sign off-lawyer to take letter out.

Love foreverAnnie Mae (Aquash)
“Naguset Eask”
(Please Note: This letter came to me about 4 years ago. I have kept it within a manila envelope, wondering when/how to share it with others. As this weekend presses against many maybe Annie Mae’s own words can put things into a necessary perspective. I assume it is a legitimate letter, as the source was reliable, and the copy from which I typed here, was of the handwritten original. I have NOT made any spelling changes, nor changed the format of Annie Mae’s letter in any way. Also, Annie Mae's family had already seen a copy of this letter long before posted here). a.claypoole 11.5.05. 

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